What type of processor do I need for video editing

Which computer to choose for video editing? Are you getting into professional video editing and want to find a high-performance computer for your productions? Overview of the best on the market according to your needs and budget. 

To do video editing, you have to choose your computer carefully because not all of them can support powerful video editing software that requires a lot of energy and capacity. The most powerful computers will often be the most expensive, but they should be an investment.

Which computer to choose for video editing?

You must ensure that certain specific characteristics necessary for operating heavy software used for video editing are maintained in a computer. The most important are:

  • Processor: We recommend a quad-core processor.
  • Memory: 8 GB minimum of memory (RAM)
  • Screen  and resolution: minimum Full HD (1920 x 1080) with IPS screen
  • Dedicated graphics card

The best computers designed for video editing have a multi-core processor/graphics card combo and enough RAM to make the video editing process as fast as possible. If you are building your own check this detailed article on how to choose CPU for video editing.

Which computer to choose for video editing? Configuration on PC or MAC?

It also depends on your budget. A Mac costs about twice as much like a Windows PC for an equivalent hardware configuration. But it is also a different software/hardware optimization.

PC choice: the different options

1. A Tower PC

For a PC already assembled, the ideal is to find a comfortable configuration for Full HD editing like this:

  • A Hexacore processor (Intel i5 or AMD Ryzen 5) or Octocore i7 / Ryzen 7
  • 8 Go out of RAM minimum
  • A 500 GB or 1 TB hard drive for video storage (7200 rpm minimum)
  • An SSD hard drive for the system and software (not mandatory but recommended)
  • A dedicated graphics card with at least 2GB of memory

2. A refurbished PC

If the budget is tight, there is the solution of refurbished PCs. These are PCs that are refurbished rather than thrown away, with components that aren’t necessarily cutting-edge but are far from jettisoned in terms of performance and guaranteed.

3. A laptop

It’s hard to find an i7-powered laptop for under $1,000, but not impossible. Depending on what you want to do and your budget, below 1000$, you will sometimes have to make compromises. Often you may have a suitable processor but not necessarily the graphics card you want. Nothing also prevents you from taking a model with a single SSD. And then buy an external hard drive that will plug into USB 3. 

4. Components to build your PC

Then comes the solution for patient people with skilled hands: buy the components and assemble your pc yourself to have the ideal and scalable configuration.

Which computer is compatible with video editing?

Here are the current models of high-performance computers compatible with a video editing activity. Mac holds a special place there.

  1. Apple iMac Pro
  2. iMac (27 inches, 2020)
  3. Microsoft Surface Studio 2
  4. Corsair One Pro i180
  5. Mac Mini 2018
  6. iMac (27 inches, 2019)
  7. Apple Mac Pro (2019)
  8. Lenovo Yoga A940
  9. Apple iMac Pro

The iMac Pro is one of Apple’s most powerful computers ever made. And it is without a doubt the best video editing computer money can buy right now with a logically consistent price. It is a worthwhile investment with a flawless design and some of the most cutting-edge components on the market. So, the Intel Xeon processor and AMD Vega 64 graphics card will make your video editing incredibly fast and smooth.

1. iMac (27-inch, 2020)

Now shipping with the latest 10th Gen Intel Comet Lake processors, chunky SSDs, the best AMD Radeon Pro GPUs, and tons of RAM, this 2020 iMac will appeal primarily to creatives working remotely. Its new 1080p FaceTime HD webcam and studio-quality microphones will allow you to share videoconferences about your current productions or even transform your video calls into films of the “next world.”

2. Microsoft Surface Studio 2

Featuring an Intel Kaby Lake mobile processor and Nvidia Pascal graphics, the Surface Studio 2 is much more powerful than the original and is a must-have video editing computer. It also features a PixelSense display with support for the Surface Pen, allowing you to interact with your video montages in a more original way and with precision. It runs on Windows 10, so software support is meant to be comprehensive. At the same time, the 2TB SSD allows you to store plenty of video footage for faster and smoother playback.

3. Corsair One Pro i180

The Corsair One Pro i180 is an absolute monster in the gaming PC. But it’s not just a gaming computer. You can indeed use it for your most meticulous video editing. It comes with an Intel Core i9-9920X processor, an Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti graphics card, 32 GB of DDR4 RAM, and 920 GB of SSD storage – which is supplemented by its 2 TB hard drive.

4. Mac Mini 2018

The 2018 Mac Mini has been refreshed with top-notch hardware, bringing Apple’s smallest Mac into the modern age. It’s equipped with an 8th Gen Intel processor, plenty of RAM, and some of the fastest SSD models we’ve reviewed.

5. iMac (27 inches, 2019)

Apple very clearly dominates this ranking of the best video editing computers, and this ultimate evolution of the iMac has something to do with it. The iconic all-in-one from the Cupertino company is equipped, in this 2019 edition, with 8th and 9th generation Intel processors, this time with up to 8 cores for multitasking – a vital point if you are getting into video editing.

6. Apple Mac Pro (2019)

Apple has made the Apple Mac Pro (2019) one of its most modular computers. Any video editor can take advantage of its raw power and its highly scalable configuration. In other words, you can use it for several years and easily make your investment profitable. Its unique cooling system helps airflow and reduces noise, usually consequent when running premium editing software.

7. Lenovo Yoga A940

Its configuration is powerful enough to meet the needs of creatives whose budget immediately eliminates the Apple catalog. The Lenovo Yoga A940 can also count on a few exciting aces up its sleeves, including full support for Adobe RGB and Dolby Vision standards, a set of Dolby Atmos speakers, connectivity more generous than that of the all-in-one Apple, and a conveniently included stylus to work with precision and speed.