How to use Cheats in Pokemon Go and master it

If you can’t win, cheat. This is how the saying goes. If you decide to apply this saying to Pokémon Go, it’s up to you. If you honestly prefer to win your game, thanks to your hard work and determination, This may not be the right post for you. But if you want to win at all costs, then you have to consider learning these cheats and hacks. Pokemon charts will help you win more battles without even cheating.

There are specific tips and suggestions against the terms of use of Pokémon Go. People do it and they seem to work, which is frustrating, so more people start doing it, and that’s what it creates. a vicious circle They can even ban you. Bans sometimes make waves more or less every month, but now they are also completed by cuts, which place a line through illegally won Pokemon and make them useless in gym battles. and aggression. Before learning these types of traps, consider that you can completely lose your account by spoofing or cheating.

Pokemon Go Cheats


Some people hack their GPS position to reach the spot of a 100% Dragonite or Tyranitar and collect it immediately, then go to any gym and fight at any time, or navigate the world at will. Pokémon Go solves this problem by randomizing server-side statistics for all players below level 25. Therefore, it is very difficult to detect a Pokémon’s IV. On the Android side, teleporting is also detected and blocked out of the game. Obviously, this is something that Pokémon Go wants to avoid.

Recently, Pokémon Go began to stop teleporting, to kindly ban people to eliminate illegally obtained Pokémon of any kind. This way the Pokemon is useless in battle.

2. Botting:

Botting is more like spoofing but it is automated. With an army of fake characters and a lot of scripts, the botter run across the PokéScape to collect as many high-level Pokémon as they can. It is funded by online maps with advertisements and donation buttons, as well as by people who buy online accounts. Once again, the recent changes could make it more difficult and less useful than it was in the past. This will cause shadowbans, which prevent bot accounts (including those used for maps) from seeing something other than a common Pokémon and eliminate illegally obtained Pokémon, so in any case, they are useless in Pokemon battle.

3. Multiple Accounting:

Some people who do not teleport will cheat with multiple accounts. When they cleared a gym, they fill it up quickly using accounts from their friends, family, and teammates, sometimes even if they have stopped playing for a long time. Although “bubble start”, a way to quickly restart a gym, is no longer useful since upgrading the large gym, filling all the spaces in a gym always blocks other legitimate players.

4. Shaving / Cycling:

Those who cannot or simply do not want to take control of a new gym sometimes change to a second account for another team, break down a team mate’s Pokémon, then replace them with their own Pokémon of this team. This is cannibalism, It does not help develop his team and also creates significant resentment.

5. Auto IV Checkers:

Pokémon Go is not just robots that prohibit shadows that improperly use the API, but also accounts that have allowed access to third-party applications, such as the IV-Checker, which also omit the API. Changing your Google password and revoking your account access to these apps can help you avoid and cancel the ban.

Most online forums are full of people complaining about all these practices and many others, and it’s best to avoid them because the next time Banhammer arrives, it could be suppressed by anyone who does.

Final Words:

This is how one can cheat in Pokemon Go. Keep them in your mind. And next time before cheating check whether you are violating the rules.