Fun and Interesting Facts About Computers – Latest list 2018

Computer, one of the remarkable innovation of humankind. This innovation has taken us to a different level of perception and changed our lives in so many ways. Computers are just created to carry out the arbitrary sequence of arithmetic or logical operations automatically. But today its evolution has developed to a wide range. Even the inventor of the computer doesn’t have imagined the potential that this machine would have. At present, in every organization or company, these computers are the fundamental thing and today we do all the works are done by using such kind of computing machines.

There are a lot of interesting facts about the computer. We have listed some them below.

Fun and Interesting Facts About Computers

  1. Approximately 6,000 new computer viruses are released every month.
  2. The first computer virus was released was known as Boot Sector Virus, which was created by Farooq Alvi brothers in the year 1986. It was designed in order to protect their research work.
  3. The first hard drive was invented by an IBM San Jose team in the year 1956. It weighed over a ton and stored 5 MB of data.
  4. The first computer mouse was invented by Douglas C. Engelbart in the year 1968 which was made out of wood.
  5. Sir Tim Burner Lee, the person who invented the internet in 1989. On an average, there would be 17 billion devices are connected to the Internet by now.
  6. One of the world’s leading computer and computer peripheral manufactures Hewlett Packard, was initially started in 1939 in a garage at Palo Alto.
  7. For radio, it took 38 years, for Television it took 13 years but it took the Internet just 4 years to reach 50 million users.
  8. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, who built the first Apple computer, created it by using the parts they have got for free form their employers. It was made t scounge spare parts from work.
  9. The first transistor computer was introduced in Bell Labs in 1955. Transistors were faster, smaller, and created less heat when compared to the vacuum tubes, and it was more efficient and reliable.
  10. It is true that only 8% of the world’s money is physical money, the rest only exists on computers.
  11. There was a computer worm that can gain access to the Windows XP systems, download a patch form the Microsoft to close the vulnerability. It is used to infect the system, try to delete the infamous Blaster worm if it was present form the system and then finally delete itself.
  12. The new Texas Instrument calculator is provided with ABC keyboard. It is because if they had QWERTY keyboards, it would be considered as computers and wouldn’t be allowed for standardized tests.
  13. It is a fact that around 30,000 websites are hacked every day.
  14. The NASA computers were hacked by a 15-year-old person and caused a 21 days shutdown of their computer systems. He also hacked the Pentagon weapons computer.
  15. A computer is as powerful as the human brain and is able to perform about 38 thousand trillion operations per second and it can hold about 3,584 terabytes of memory.

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